Ancient practices for the development of the human being preserved and transmitted by Serge Augier, Ba Men Da Xuan

Our Practices

The Da Xuan tradition has 5 main practices


In the school here in Tokyo we will focus on the mountain aspect, developing and cultivating the three human qualities of.

Body (Jing)

Breath (Qi)

Mind & Spirit (Shen)

We work on developing these qualities in the school through the following practices


External Work: Building the Physical Body


Internal work: Connecting the breath, body, feeling and movement into one


Internal Alchemy: Building the energy and vitality through various breath work

Sheng Gong

Meditation Work: Training and understanding the mind

Shen Dan

Spiritual Alchemy: Transforming the mind and spirit

We have introduced Waigong, Neigong, Neidan, Sheng Gong and Shen Dan.

Work and practice on each of these qualities support and enhances the development of the other qualities so that it becomes a continuous virtuous cycle of training and evolution.

We will also train the internal Combat arts of Xingyiquan, Taijiquan and Ziranmen.

Waigong – Physical Training

The body is the root of health and and Waigong is a group of exercises and practices that are designed to strengthen and fortify it.

It is essential that we develop strong physical structures so we can function well and develop a strong base upon which we can develop other qualities.

We start by learning some hand forms called basic hands which build the foundation and structure of our physical bodies. We then move onto train Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Ziranmen (natural boxing) to further develop and express the qualities and foundations we have learned.

The three great Waigong qualities that we work to develop in in the tradition are grounding, relaxation and Union.

Neigong – Internal work

Neigong practice is essentially practicing gestures and movements that have already integrated and assimilated into our neural pathways so that we can then begin to precede the same movements with intention and feel our sensations more. We start to become aware of how our breath and intention helps to mobilize our physical movements and becomes the source of our movements.

The neigong of the Da Xuan tradition if practiced correctly and daily will help nourish our health, vitality, and combat arts.

Neidan - Internal Alchemy

In the Neidan practices we will initially focus on developing our understanding and awareness of our own breathing to increase our vitality and energy. We will do this through primordial breathing practice of the school and breathing practices focusing on developing our centre.

After developing a strong foundation, we will move on to learn and practice methods that circulate the breath, fluids, and energy in our bodies to further develop our health, vitality and nourish our other practices.

Shen Gong – Training and understanding the Mind

Shen Gong practices help us to understand the mechanisms of how our minds work as the workings of each mind are uniquely different. The training will also help us to understand how to develop our attention and focus.

Without clearly understanding our minds and how they work then further work and evolution is difficult.

Shen Dan – Spiritual Alchemy

Shen Dan is simply the transformation of the mind and of the minds mechanisms.

All the practices if trained correctly and diligently will improve health, vitality, strength and thinking. Da Xuan is an ancient and complete system to help the development and evolution of the human being.