Learn about our regular classes and schedules

Class & Schedule

We conduct regular classes every week on a Wednesday night and are suitable for all ages and abilities and we welcome people from different martial arts, sports, and practice backgrounds.

We train outside in all seasons, so bring suitable clothes, water etc... and understand that you will sweat. If it is forecast to rain, then we have a place outside to train that is sheltered and I will update the blog as needed so you know the change of location.

We will usually have a training theme which we work for several months after which we change to a new topic, but you are expected to continue training and developing your ability and understanding of the previous theme as we will return to that practice at a later point to further develop.

The first introductory lesson is free and requires no experience to join.

We also offer personal tuition for students who are interested in committing to a serious daily practice.

Training Time

Every Wednesday Evening 19:30 to 21:30


Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park (Tokyo)

We train in a large open space close to the children’s play area next adjacent to the Equestrian Statue of Princer Arisugawa Taruhito.

The Park is situated a 3 min walk from Hiroo subway station on the Tokyo subway station and is also within walking distance from Roppongi (10-15 min walk)

The Park is next to next the famous international supermarket in Hiroo “National Azabu”.

Location Map